Peaceful, serene, and luxurious nature’s bounty – that’s how we’ve built our huts for you, each 500 sq ft in size. You will get here a million shades of green nourished by flowers that reflect the joy of season, and canals that wind through the land. Surrounded by such lush vegetation, you sleep in a comfortable, old-fashioned village huts and wake up to the feeling of being renewed with energy.

True to our commitment towards using the natural materials to the maximum, these residential facilities are traditional structures that demonstrate the skills and craft of local villagers. We have used the age-old technique of mud housing and natural ingredients including rammed earth, cow dung, cob, straw bale dwellings, thatch roof, Taat Patti (Jute) for artificial ceiling and bamboo to make them as authentic as the place is and washrooms are modern. With this technique the huts are relatively cooler in summers and warmer in winters. Local village women do the lipai of the floor and wall with mud, cow dung and straw on a regular basis to keep the place fresh and unique.
We would soon be adding luxury Swiss tents that will be customized with style, keeping the modern necessities in mind. The tents would have a modern look as compared to the huts, and will provide a backdrop for an adventure opportunity you would rarely like to miss. Currently we also have provision for Camping depending on the season. We have Quechua Camping Tents with comfortable Sleeping Bags.

Our ‘close to nature’ accommodation keeps in mind the other basic requirements including ventilation, for which there are two high air vents (front and back), space between flysheet and ground all the way round. The air can circulate between inner tent and flysheet, for better breathability and to limit natural condensation. There is also a provision of using the modern washrooms at the Farm with option of having quick shower under the rain shower.


‘Jeeman Ka’ – Our dining, that you would love more for the experience it offers, is designed with features of a village’s conventional architectural style. It opens to the surrounding lawns and sets serene setting for a meal that is ideal for celebrating your time here.

‘Jeemna’ locally means to eat when you go out for a celebration. There is interesting story behind naming it as ‘Jeeman Ka’. During the construction stage at Thakran Farms, when restaurant was under construction, villagers asked us what were we constructing, and we said ‘Restaurant’. They again asked upon realizing that they did not understand the concept of a restaurant, explained them that it was a place where everybody could get together and eat. It was then when they understood and said together ‘Achaa Jeeman Ka’ . Hence we named it ‘Jeeman Ka’, place where you eat during celebrations.

Jeeman Ka serves a menu of local vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine with Desi Chicken Lohaka being the chef’s specialty. The vegetables are farm fresh and offer the most authentic old-world flavors you will ever come across. For your delight and unforgettable experience Thakran Farms has own small free ranging poultry farm which houses local Indigenous breed of chicken like Kadaknath, Giriraja, etc. Kadaknath is local to Madhya Pradesh where it is called Kali Masi ‘ Fowl having black flesh’. Kadaknath has a rich medicinal value. We also have small Bater, Quail, Duck, Turkey, Guinea Fowl farm and provide as per availability.

Bonfire dinners with performances by the local villagers can be arranged for large teams and other guests on request.

Other Facilities

  • Golghar
  • Bonfire- Sikan Ka
  • 3 Lush Green Lawns
  • 100 Cars Parking
  • Gated Security
  • Vatika- Dine in Open
  • Hedge Maze- Bhoolbhuliya
  • Theme Gardens
  • Team Building Acitivities
  • Lush Green Farmlands
  • Traditional Indian Village Theme
  • Acres of Landscaped Gardens
  • Jhula
  • Bamboo Golghar
  • Walkpath among Poplar Trees
  • Herbal Garden
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Village Safari on Tractor Trolley
  • Ancestral Farm
  • Solar Energy Powered (coming soon)
  • Solar Water Heater (coming soon)
  • Fruit Orchard (coming soon)