• Indoor Games

    We have plenty of indoor games that will keep the kid in you happy and active. These games can be played alone or as teams and act as a great way to spend some leisure time while offering a place to socialize.

  • Obstacle Course

    Our obstacle courses can provide great opportunities for anyone to gain multiple skills. It is during such courses everyone gets to challenge their sequencing and memory, increase the body’s strength by engaging in some heavy work, strengthen and balance and work on their bilateral coordination.

  • Organized Games

    Get together with your friends, family members of office colleagues for our interesting games that we can organize within minutes. These games are so much fun and offer a great change for everyone to get together, play joyfully and make new friends.

  • Ethnic Games

    Bonus experience of adventure while having fun is one of the main reasons people like to indulge in ethnic games at our farms. Jump in and collect the limestone mud from the bottom or surrounding banks, smear everywhere and take photos of your self and group or play kabbadi with your team – there’s so much here that you wouldn’t get enough time to try them all!

  • Outdoor Sports

    Being from village, we understand the importance of outdoor recreation activities. These sports are ever enjoyable, give a chance to perform physical exercise while enjoying the natural surroundings, and are a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Corporate Team Building Activities

    Use our team building activities to promote coordination, cumulative learning, and collective action to improve productivity. As your employees learn to work together to participate in these activities, they also gain opportunities to identify ways to improve processes, policies or procedures that are directly related to their productivity.

  • Relaxation Activities

    Coming to the farm is an experience in itself; enjoyment of which can be multiplied many folds with our relaxation activities. Time spent here can help in reducing stress symptoms and help you accept the difficulties with a calm mind.

  • Rides

    Book our rides in advance and walk around the farm and adjoin village for additional enjoyment. Use these rides to see the sights and get an opportunity to see the beautiful landscape and everyday life in the rural areas.

  • Agriculture Activities

    So you want to know how a cow is milked or poultry farm is run? Thakran Farms is one place where the whole family can enjoy all that a village has to offer making it one of the most loved places to visit near Delhi/NCR region.

  • Rural Domestic Activities

    Feeling adventurous or want to learn the secrets of the food that your grandmother made? Spend some time to watch and learn a wide array of recipes within walking distance.

  • Rural Creative Activities

    Learn how to do matka painting, make buttermilk and lots more. Our rural creative activities are designed for those who are looking out for ways to blend modern lifestyle with traditions of the villages.

  • Farm Animals

    Thakran Farms is home to many farm animals that have become a significant part of our life. As our beloved guests, you can pet or play with them anytime. Our only request is that rather than taking the initiative of going to them and start stroking them lovingly, let the caretaker know and he will ensure your safety with them.